Pas De Deux

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Not all instincts lead to what one loves especially in the matters of the present. For when terrible becomes synonymous with beautiful, the tragedy of control educates the child within of what the grown up situation has not. Call it regret or the “I told you so” situation and you will find yourself standing between two crowds parted by the sea split by Mosses’ staff. That’s idealism severed into two portions: brutality and sentimentality. On one end, you see poetry and imagine all the good years ahead until the suction of brutality rips before your eyes its shallow superstructure: compromise from one end!
Like an orchid surrounded with thousands of spectators waiting for it to blossom into an irritation worthy of depreciating imagination; one discerns his or her true self. That is when we see good intentions put on roller blades bidding talent’s dues to another’s interest carved smoothly with please. Then the partnership of mishap presses on your lapel the words “Genuine Charlie”! You might say to yourself perhaps if they saw the height you have fallen from considering the bird you were they’ll cut you some slack. Alas! Failure is up – the pas de deux for victims and gloaters.
Hold on, don’t play Abba’s “The Winner Takes It All”. Next time awaits with somebody else not with patience or tomorrow. No Doctor Zhivago for now!

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Impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy. Visit
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