Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire short poem

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When I first met you I thought you were cute
but after that I didn’t think too much about it
’til you started coming around asking me out
and texting me everyday, I thought hmm well
ok why not we can go out for dinner and let
that be that but you were so charming and
sweet you swept me off my feet in a big, big
way, one thing led to another and then of
course we ended up lovers, the best of friends
and the best of lovers even in public places
I would never had considered with any other
but I have to admit getting caught in the act
was an exhilarating feeling I had never
experienced before now I can’t count how
many times we’ve gone at it, today alone and
you still want more…
Now we find ourselves on a greyhound, thinking
we it was just the two of us, little did we know
a sexy blonde was getting into our little act
you asked me do you care if they join in, I said
you’ve already unleashed a beast in me like a
starving tiger burning with desire, so what the Hell
you Devil you but you’re so good even if playing
with you is like PLAYING WITH FIRE…
yeah it’s like PLAYING WITH FIRE…FIRE!

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Bo Lanier

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Bo Lanier is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and has become an established poet with five books to his credit that were published in Canada. He received several achievement awards in creative writing through and has recently published two eBooks and one paperback book through After a nine year hiatus, Bo returned to publishing his poems with a new outlook and fresh ideas. His other talents include singing and songwriting.
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