Angel From Above

Angel From Above short poem

Uploaded by Mazhar MIK

I wrote this piece for my angel from above,
Source of inspiration, as she taught me about love.

She is the most beautiful lady I’ve ever known,
Every time I see into her eyes, my mind gets blown.

I troubled her a lot, but my angel never complained,
I apologise for all pains that made your life strained.

Until you came into my world, there was darkness and gloom,
My world was missing the clouds, sun, stars and moon.

I never believed in magic, but you just appeared from thin air,
I thought I’ll always be alone, but now we are a complete pair.

You make who I am at this point, mould me in every way,
There’s not a precious moment, where I do not want to give you my entire day.

“Stay with me, don’t let me go, because I can’t live without you,
Just stay with me, and hold me close, because I build my world around you”

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I am an undergraduate student pursuing in Information Technology from IIEST SHIBPUR,Howrah. I love CODING. Besides coding, I love Dancing, Beat-Boxing, Skating, Writing Poems, Playing Table Tennis and BasketBall. I love being fit,active and punctual all the time.see me @ :- me @ :-
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