Some things

Some things short poem

There are so many things that happen,

Some things are too subtle

And some too apparent.

Some, however insignificant, bring immense joy

And some, no matter how big, make us cry

Small gestures

Simple words

And great pleasures

Silences that encompass us,

The closeness we share,

Some things like pain, we should not bear

Touch the green sore area

Drive away the hurt

Do you know me?

Do I know you?

Some things are not said, but felt.

Did you come to me first?

Whose was the thirst?

Come to me now

Stand by me now

Don’t ask how

Some things can happen any how

Don’t look back

Don’t look sad

Don’t curse the past,

Don’t cry over your broken heart,

some things are not meant to last…

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An IT architect by profession, and makes a living by writing complex programs on machines from dark ages called Mainframe legacy systems; Sana, When she is not coding, likes to read, write poetry, cook and travel.Travelling has become her more recent passions and is likely to continue for a long time, as the sight of hills, serenity of lakes and plain natural beauty brings out the poet in her.And sometimes, (just some very rare times), whilst writing code, working with black and white Mainframe screens, she gets inspiration to delve into her more artistic side.Even as usually she finds it extremely hard to give titles to her poems, on HighOnPoems she attempts to christen them with something meaningful. Readers may disagree :-) (but suggestions are welcome).
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‘Some things’ that matter so much and yet are often taken for granted. ‘Some things’ that change life. And ‘some things’ if lived to the fullest can make each moment absolutely worth it. Your words are weaved with such comfort @sana.
Give us the pleasure to read more of your poems.


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