Sunshine short poem

She smiled like the sun, warm and bright-
Ushering her brightness all around her; like the winter sun-light…
Many would give their hearts for her, for she was beautiful,
But she pretty, too pretty in fact to fall for them-
Someone misinterpreted her to be egoistic;
Made her the cause for him being pessimistic…
Spewed acid all over her face,
Beauty that once was, now lay all in waste;
A few months in the white room could not repair her beauty lest her resilience …
She hated herself, could take no more,
Beautiful thoughts metamorphosing into gore,
The following morn’ people found her dead, with body intact but her face cut;
Her warm smile forever shut.
She smiled like the sun, warm and bright-
Ushering her brightness all around her; like an ever spreading light

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Milton Robertson
Milton Robertson

Nicely put together but so sad.


Nice work. Keep it up. 🙂


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