Identity long poem

Uploaded by Daniel Naoum

What is your history? And what is your identity?
Are you related to your identity because of your history?
And what is identity when it changes every century?
Nations and invaders enter into each others’ lands
Some foreign leader make peace agreement and shake each others’ hands
But when there is a dispute they destroy and spit on each others’ lands
And some nations sign treaties and scrub the blood from their hands
We migrate, invade and escape to new regions
And spread or replace our cultures or religions
and next thing you know
We create new origins
We plant trees, roses and lilies
And change the names of the cities We build roads and raise families We tell stories of our memories
And bury our bones in cemeteries
When we travel, we take pictures And from time to time we mock each others’ religions
and stereotype against our neighbour’s cultures
So next time, when I declare victory in the next century
I should not celebrate with certainty Because I know the strategies of my allies
And the mentality of my enemies
They will eliminate and reshape my historical identity And as for all those nations who are surrounding me
They should know,
They have no fixed history
But only a changeable Identity

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