I See You There

I See You There long poem

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I see you there across the room
with sly winks and secrete smirks.
I see your halo invisibly hanging over your head –
disguising the yearn for me at the core of your heart.
I see you there across the room
and I can hear your heart beating as fast as mine.
I see your hands and how I wish they could intertwine with mine.
I bat my eyes and you walk closely, close enough to feel you in my veins.
There is an aurora that creates new colors,
every time we pass each other.
It’s another world with an altered vision, but one only we can see.
I see you there across the room
and I know your pulse is racing.
I know, because so is mine.
I can feel the heat coming from you as both of our palms become sweaty, neither of us daring to make a move.
Yet within little moments, like you twirling my hair in the car, or slightly touching my hand at any chance, or simply getting me my favorite drink, it is all in the midst of our own world.
There’s something odd about the way it seems that with the lights turned on, there is nothing in sight except what is seen between our eyes;
But I bet with the lights dimmed, you could see a new collision of universes causing more vibrant colors than known to the human eye.
So, I see you there across the room –
do you see me too?

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