Sense elegy

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Why must you lure me so?
You bewitching jewel, your radiant skin is
only matched by the glint in your eyes.
Your hair cascades down your shoulders with
More conviction than the most splendid waterfall,
But after all this, do you take me for a fool?

Your human charm lures beasts,
Beasts driven by lust and lust alone, for they
Have abandoned any shred of dignity that remained
Succumbing to their carnal desires, And
Have lost their sense of rationality upon just
A hint of your seductive aroma.

I see you for what you are, O beautiful siren.
For I have endured pain far too often to be enticed
By the sweet promise of your affections, But
O tempting maiden, Have you not had enough?
Enough of beguilling those poor souls, who
Have still not been privy to warmth and kindness.
Enough of deceiving them, making them suffer,
For before you brought out the abomination in them;
They too were men.

O captivating trickster, perhaps this will never reach you,
Perhaps you will pay no heed to what I say,
Perhaps the next one will walk into the den,
Unknowing of the predator that lurks within.
But I believe, My beautiful siren, that
Inside the facade of charm and beauty
Exists a heart that has been scarred by
The battle of love. And despite the darkness that
Surrounds it, there still lies a ray of hope,
That perhaps one day, it can love again.

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Good poem. What made you to write this poem? Any bad experience?


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