I Wonder

Alone in a forest in the night
Whom would you, my friend, remember?
When fear of the death traces your mind
Whom would you, my friend, surrender?
Whom do you think you owe this life?
And whom would you say no goodbyes?
Whom do you trust and who will shine?
I wonder I would never find!

Why is it, my friend, you muse
A holding hand when leaves forever?
When someone strange encounters you
What then would be your behavior?
What is it that makes you laugh?
What it takes to please the heart?
What is that, matters the most?
And what, my friend, does wisdom cost?

A rose tempts me out of the blue.
I wonder how she could have held
The tender craft throughout the bloom
with the proportion of gold!
The whispering of pleasant breeze.
And the song bird singing on a tree.
How could nature hold a child
But slowly fade out with the time?

How big could the blue dome be?
And how long does the clock go on?
What, my friend, has no ending?
The spirit, nothing, or the sun!
And would you relinquish a house
Some villas, if you could have bought?
What about the earth, my friend?
Perhaps the only living land !

This lady, I think whom I love.
But never she might feel the same.
Would you, my friend, have stopped
Concerning her from my place?
But I can’t stop the urge so deep.
So, this must be love, isn’t it?
What is love, my friend, so pure?
And how would you, my friend, be sure?

And this is what I dwell upon
Wondering from time to time.
Would you, my friend, on the run
Heed the wonders with smile?
And where my friend these masses go?
As if they know all the roads !
But I think, my friend, till I live
Always I shall be wondering.

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Niraj Niroula

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'Let me write the instance confronting the death and I shall be the happiest man leaving', that's how I feel about writing.And about the Poetry; " His poetry, like your floating clouds of feeling, are but the blue drops of raining thought. To heal those pains of convention and fear; Nothing but the truth and nature to share."
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