Glassy-eyed Dreams

I used to be a belligerent drunk
I drank each day that I woke.
I would spend all my cash on a five minute dash
And a packet of Marlboro to smoke.
My friends said I’d die alcoholic
I laughed and threw them a tin.
I said ‘Take a swig, it will make you feel big’
As the cans stacked up in the bin.
My health was a laugh a minute
My liver was certainly shot.
I threw the drink down as I drank through the town
As if liquor was sadly my lot.
The years passed by so swiftly
I drank from morning to night.
Friends grew weary and some were teary
As I challenged mankind to a fight.
At some point I switched to Brandy
It was strong and gave a good hit.
It made me feel good and I quaffed all I could
As I lay in my self-made pit.
I drank in bars down the rough end
And stools I fell off them all.
I got barred on a rota just drinking my quota
And I thought ’Kid you’re having a ball’
My mates were the glasses around me
And for comfort I took what was there.
I sang through the night until the first light
Quite frankly I just didn’t care.
My family were duly embarrassed
And my sister condemned me to hell.
I bought some more booze as I took in the news
But their anger I just couldn’t quell.
Oft times I woke in strange places
On landings I’d not seen before.
It’s said ‘Life’s a test’ and I felt truly blessed
As I shouted the landlord for more.
I rarely got invites to weddings
But funerals I felt quite au fait.
I’d gather with mates at St Peters Gates
As another one went on their way.
At times I’d run out of money
Whilst the others committed a crime.
I embarked on a spree that provided a fee
But was caught that very first time.
I failed at being a criminal
And my bills they never got paid.
The Housing said ‘Go’ and here’s what you owe
In a life that was truly self-made.
The euphoria was losing its qualities
And most of the crowd were now dead.
I’d sit on my own and I felt so alone
And my life was a shambles instead.
The jukebox no-longer inspired me
I could find no song in my heart
The drink was my drug and with every damn slug
I was tearing my whole life apart.
My friends avoided my company
They were no-longer home for a chat.
I felt kind of sad and pretty damn bad
That my life had condensed into that.
Getting up it’s really not easy
And your life is given a jolt.
You have to start thinking instead of keep drinking.
Whilst accepting it’s all your own fault..
The life that you’re leaving continues
And those friends meet in the same bar.
They slur in reply if they see you pass by
And they ask if you’re up for a jar.
I wanted to chuck the towel in
Those days were so dark and long.
I kept my head down and avoided the town
Whilst attempting to keep myself strong.
Soon mates were starting to call me
And as ever eager to please
I stayed on that course but not without force
‘til the yearning had started to ease.
I used to be a belligerent drunk
I drank each day that I woke.
I mended my ways and wiped-clean my days
Farewell to that hapless old soak.

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