Power Of The Goddess!

It was celebration of the Panguni Pongal for the sixth day
People assemble before the Goddess Kaali, to pray

Big sand pot is full of water
Below is a stock of wood, set to enter

Water is set to boil, with high fire
Everyone sets eye, with a desire

From the boiling water, steam shall flow
Due to high heat, water shall overflow

Waiting all along was the priest
With a face, as if he is the angriest

He pumps towards the boiling pot, to charge,
Among the devotees who witness in large

With margosa leaves, he drenches his bare hand
Standing with bare foot, over the raw sand

Lifts his hand with boiling water to spread,
Only over his bare body, to spearhead

Again and again until the water pot becomes empty
None shall feel over him, pity

Bare body of priest now looks as normal
Though he withstood steams of thermal

Never anyone seen any boil
Nor none attempt to foil

To witness, you may become uncool
Until you watch the face of priest, as cool

Celebrated at Peraiyur since ancient time
With passage of time, never became dime

Truly an entertaining festival to express,
The true divine power of the goddess!

(Margosa tree =a large tree of the genus Melia (Melia Azadirachta)found in India. Its bark is bitter, and used as a tonic)
(Peraiyur = A small town under the foothills of the western Ghats of South India in the Madurai District)
(PanguniPongal= a harvest festival around the first week of April month)

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Blessed with the chance to be nurtured with the nature, the Author hails from a small town, downhill the Western Ghats of India. He is a double Post Graduate -in Commerce and in Management and also a Graduate in law. He is a Civil Servant serving the Government of India in the rank of Deputy Commissioner. He has published 14 (Fourteen) Collections of poetry (in English). 11 Books were published during 2014, 2 during 2015 and 1 during 2017. These 14 eBooks cover a host of genres and are live at http://www.amazon.com/MUTHU-MANICKAM/e/B00QU55536.
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