Can We Conquer Fear ?

Can We Conquer Fear ? short poem

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When our mind becomes vulnerable
It marks the incidence of fear
We are petrified of everything
A mishappening seems near
There is a conundrum inside us
Life doesn’t seem clear

Fear engulfs our thought process
It takes away our wisdom
There is a feeling of distress
Uncertainty prevails inside
We lose our serenity in darkness

We have a wrong impression
This fear isn’t legitimate
It’s our own unruly creation
That captures our thought process
Abates all our motivation
We anticipate a mishap
That has a vague inception

Can we conquer fear ?
It’s a legitimate question
Are we captives of fear ?
Depends on our perception
Fear can be countered with happiness
Smile is our only weapon

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A young budding engineer who loves to write. It gives me a temporary refuge from reality. While I self introspect, I end up using references from my own life into my stories and poems.
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4 Comments on "Can We Conquer Fear ?"

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Shounak Paul

Great poem!!

prabitha balasubramanian

I really liked your poem. It’s very relatable.

Ramapriya Nr

good poetic message on fear


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