Faces Of Oppression

Faces Of Oppression long poem

Uploaded by Chyle Johnson

The faces of oppression, your mama forget to mention,
That the white cop shooting niggas on the daily to collect his pension.
Only when a nigga is killed is it brought to your attention,
That racism is alive and well and running the system.
Hands up,
And a nigga still gets 6 shots to his back.
Then you’re surprised when niggas turn around and decide to shoot back.
Protection from the protectors,
Ain’t no sense in that,
When nobody gives a f*&k just because the kid was black.
I ain’t here to call for war, I’m here to demand more.
More needs to be down to those putting all my people in the floor.
Too many young niggas are gone to early,
Just because those in power aren’t in a hurry
To fix that problems that are getting all my niggas buried,
That are tearing families apart and leaving mamas worried.
Yes I’m pissed off, and my nigga may I vent.
Trump wants to build a wall, yeah money well spent.
But it’s the land of the free, I’m wondering where my freedom went.
They say just put your faith in the system, but that system is bent.
All lives matter,
But until black lives do too, that can’t happen.
They thought we wouldn’t notice since they let a brother be the captain,
Of a sinking boat
They didn’t tell him it was sinking though, or how to float.
They thought showing us his shortcomings would kill our hope,
But they don’t understand there’s a power in the black folk.
So take a look at all of the faces of oppression,
The faces that caused my people’s depression.
The faces that brought about so much aggression.
The faces that lead the freedom recession.
The faces of oppression that we want to end,
Let me get across the message that we want to send.
We aren’t just rappers, thugs, actors, and your favorite trends.
We are people who want to be treated right,
‘Cause we are all Americans.

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