Oh Woman Oh Mother You Are Not Less Than Mother Nature

Oh Woman Oh Mother You Are Not Less Than Mother Nature long poem

Photo by Rob Lee

Oh woman! Oh mother
Abused beaten thrashed facing all torture
You are not less than mother nature
She gets disfigured scarred by her own
Yet once in a while out comes her fury
You behind that brave smiling mask
From the world conceal all Your injury
Holding those loving hands
With love in Your eyes and trust in Your heart
You walked on the path of togetherness of life
Not caring about Your own individuality feeling proud to be called Your man’s wife
Little did You know the same hands will become
the deadliest of weapon in the silence of night
Inflicting pain giving You life threatening fright
Yet You continued with that broken relation
For the sake of Your children
Coz Your motherly heart knows they need You
They need Your love care and affection
What kind of a man hits his own woman
Did he not know the day he did so
He ceases to be called a man
Has he ever realised a day will soon come
When his ‘manly’ strength will fail him
Old fragile helpless he too will become
And that day the same abused beaten
Tortured woman of his life
Who continued to stay back as his wife
With all the love in her eyes and still all the trust in her heart
Will be there for him taking care of that
Helpless strengthless soulless the so called man each night and each day
‘Coz God has created a ‘woman’ that way
Oh woman Oh mother
You are truly greater than mother nature.

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2 Comments on "Oh Woman Oh Mother You Are Not Less Than Mother Nature"

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Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

A true tribute to women. Your poem brings out the undeniable truth about women being the most compassionate and loving on earth. A very good effort.

Ramapriya Nr

Superb poem depiciting the torture infected on a hapless wife by the cruel husband. I salute the lady for braving all odds ,getting abused and sacrifising her life for the sake of her child. Only woman has the strength and determination to face such ordeals. The so called Man is sure to suffer for his inhuman attitudes. A Poem par excelent. Congrats Savi ji for giving the readers one more master piece. keep writing. It is a pleasure to read your poems


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