Stage Fright

Stage Fright long poem

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Anxious, tense at all times, something feels wrong,
Like singing the wrong words to a song,
Lost are rhythm, time and the rhyme, knowing so little, responsibilities become blind
Through corruption of youth, A lesson in time, feeling I am one step behind, songs leave me to find
I am kept from some truth, or my sign is sublime
I have never studied the lyrics, a popular song from my time
Now I am older, I stop and rewind, A day by day routine is what I must find
I must have been lost, what is wrong with my mind
This day by day routine is what I must find
Seems something has found me, and has since stuck to my side
All that was lost due to young foolish pride, thoughts I can not change,
On this long wicked ride, I still can not decide, back and forth from two sides
In my mind I reside, still I can not revise, as I turn to either side, and I go run and hide
With the memories of past, of that, hard to grasp
Memories that last, my thoughts seemed so fast, now with the past,
I am left with this task, and this leads me to ask, how my mind can be lost,
What new truth do I grasp? As I hold on waiting, for a chance to change paths
Maybe the anger; loved, the happy to sad, corrupting the good,
Turning the greats into bad, with no one to blame, like the winds to the flame
Like the anger to tame, so much we could gain, if we had only knew,
When the wind blew, Just enough air, and the fire will subdue,
Another gust of wind, and the blaze starts anew
From what story is this? could these few words all be true
Will this anger fade away? like the light rays to the shade
An escape from the day, from the night shade was made, this path was once laid,
Left only to fade, the day chases night, like a game we once played, attention we paid,
But we had not a clue, In the place of that rage, are the skies bright and blue
As we opened our eyes, and to our surprise, the rage blossomed hope, and then something new

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