Unforgiven Souls

Unforgiven Souls short poem

Photo by Sam Hames

Like a gentle breeze the world goes by.
Days slip away, why still stay.
Few phase if I live or die.
Demons no more held at bay.

Freely do they roam inside, freely there they hide.
Lost inside myself, fell in an abyss.
I’m taken by the rising tide.
But I will not hide.

Don’t matter anymore, I no longer care.
After all that’s happened to me, and none of it was fair.
This world is beyond hope, beyond a happy living,
The people living in it should be called the unforgiven.

Happens time and time again, like every now and then.
It’s this world, this Earth, somehow poisoning me since birth.
My soul just don’t belong, hasn’t been here for long…
Feeling out of place and cannot hear Earth’s song.

Out of place. Nothing feels right at all.
Out of time. Hit a concrete wall.

My soul feels gone, can’t find it now…
My heart is crushed, there’s no more trust,…
I don’t remember how.

I don’t know how to reach my goals,
Amidst the unforgiven souls.

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