Fire long poem

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Glistening sacred fire brightens every life casting off ignorance
renews pure white minds in unison to design eternal
Calm to pacify the heart rending misery crumbling innocence.
Fire of wisdom baffles the literates to fathom the depth of intelligence
That is dwindling in the mild souls whose sole crave is physical.
Fire of greed is housed in the minds to devour common layman’s
Joy, innocent world’s hale piling crisp notes upon the grave of humanity.
Fire of flesh demur the senses to mistake a kid for a damsel
To appetite the physical hunger polluting the sanctity of moral codes.
Fire in my words is fire in another action
Double the fire that explodes an intentional cruel emotion
To touch fire to the innocent world sans sensation
In hooligans who in wilderness foster the death of sane breath.
Fire of sarcasm burns the minds of jealousy
Provokes fire of contempt and evil to the dungeon
of hypocrisy a scam of poisoning the tender ears of honesty
In jeering at his untainted plight of morality .
Fire of laughter provokes the silent non-violent to be rigid
An envoy to the dark world of unwise ignorant wild
Plucks hell down to earth of misery of cold hearts
In exploding every corner of the unrefined world.
Fire of spirit motivates an exhausted being to cast light
Of knowledge to the cloudy minds to rid –off their dirt.
Oh! Fire , you blaze in surviving varied spirits of all.

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Mothi Bai

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Ass. prof. of English, I have qualification in German language . I have been teaching German since 15 years, My working place is S VIVEKANANDA DEGREE COLLEGE ,NEHRU NAGAR PUTTUR (D. K.) 574203 KARANATAKA INDIA. I have learnt hindustani music also
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