City long poem

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As the tram runs on the rails,
Weather bitten houses emerge telling tales,
Revolutionaries’ urge for freedom,
Idealism in poetry and fiction,
Reminiscent of immortal singers,
Dancers in their grace,
Tears trickle down in claustrophobia;
yearning for a home which is not to be

The Ganges flow in its splendor,
Civilization manifested along its bank,
Giggling teens dive into the water,
Racing with the steamers across the river,
Elders flock to savor the wind,
Somewhere moist eyes with shyness preserved,
The charcoal on canvas has a sage,
trying to find what is within,
Folded hands in front of deity.
Cleansing of soul thus begins,

The bus runs,
My hair blows,
Leaving behind miles of roads,
Awaiting for the pathway of books,
Drown in their deluge as I walk along,

Coming across coffee house;
Iron bare here and there,
Chipped paint and crumbled plaster,
Rings of smoke with coffee hot,
Talking football, munching sandwich,
Reliving Charulata with mystique eyes,
Cunning Brutus in theatrical light,
Friendship and banter what I like,

Sudden slogans distract me,
Rushing downstairs,
Bewilder me,
Passion for politics what I see,
Raising hands with placards high,
People march with vengeance right!

Walking into the alleys,
Labyrinth puzzles me,
Then I see the artist think,
Smear of clay on hay,
Immaculate eyes pierce me,
Slaying of demons fascinate me.

Festive spirit so it begins,
Feisty girls in rainbow shades,
Heels clink with rising hem,
Winking at ogling hunks,
Licking lips with tangy taste,
Crispy balls with tamarind rage.

Atop the monument I see,
How busy the city is!
Cars honk in their might,
People quick in their stride,
Cantilevers’ hanging is not a jinx,
Spire of church enliven me,
Toll of bells enchant me,
Down the stairs,
I stare,
Vermillion is in the air.

Immersion of Goddess; adorned with red,
Emanating fragrance from incense of roses,
Rhythm of beat ,
Steps of joy,
Songs of praise,
Detoxify the self; grime and slime thus nullify themselves.

Driving along Red road,
The field of green beckons me,
Under the canopy of sky, the hues of red flame embrace me,
I lie on the warmth of touch,
The little bells of anklet awaken me,
Bewitched by the tender face,
Smokey eyes and round red,
Bejeweled the forehead,
Sparkle of smile entice me,
Wild traces cover me,
The parting with vermillion in a drape of red ignites me,
Feelings lay bare,
Hides her face,
Locked in my arms,
Love overflows,
I sink in…..

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Debabani Chandra

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