The Song Of The Caged Bird

The Song Of The Caged Bird prose poem

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Listen closely.
Do you hear it?
Do you hear the song of the caged bird?
Listen harder.
Listen to her yearning.
Listen to her cries from being locked away for years on end.
She wants to be set free.
She wants to sing her freedom song.
But don’t you see?
Her oppressors tell her that she can’t be on her own yet.
They tell her she’s too young and inexperienced.
They tell her she doesn’t know what the real world is like.
How is she to know if she can’t experience it yet herself?
Listen to her song.
She sings, “O Merciful God above, set me free.
Take me away from the oppression.
Let me soar so I can see Your wonderful creation.
Merciful God, if I am a child of Yours, help me break the bars of my cage.”
Oppressors, don’t you see the longer she is locked away, the more you break her spirit?
If you love her and want what’s best for her, set her free.
Before long, if she remains as she is now, there will be no sound from her.
No music, no praise.
Oppressors, do you finally hear the song of the caged bird?

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I've been writing poetry ever since middle school, but I've never really thought about releasing my work to the public until coming to college. Currently, I am studying music as my major and English as my minor.
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