Beauty In A Summer Breeze

Beauty In A Summer Breeze long poem

Photo by Tobias Lindman

Swallowed in a dream of bliss,
and sunset berry kisses
in the still of azure skies
I gaze into your eyes.

Your lips, like honey
exude streams of sweetness
as a dream lover’s dream
I find you resistless.

Soft whispers pant to find your ear
delicate. drifting, lingering near;
speechless, like crafts of gold lines
on sunset picturesque skies.

Trapped within a muse,
conversing-secrets stolen
water blue rain drops
on your form in the open.

I saw you last in May
though every day
the outfits you wore,
mesmerized, I need you more.

Beauty within your eyes
sweetly defies
eludes my mind
like visions in a summer breeze-
my heart rise.

I would steal polyanthus,
and lay beds of jasmine,
touch you with passion
my strong attraction;

if I could allure you
she inspires me
I want to liberate her heart,
and each vacant need.

I search the depths of you,
like oceans, emotions whirl
shades of affection
as souls fly, my essence.

Your exotic style
drives me wild on sight,
taking flight, your smile
rain tints of moonlight down.

Chiaroscuro, form, light
like poetic lines
your shadow in the haze
pantomime in lies.

Her finger tips drip elegance
in the moonlight mist
every inch of her hips
like jewels of skies aglint.

She is delicate as a lily
flawless like a pearl
in sea blue threads of tapestry
which colors my world.

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Mazhar MIK

Beautiful. I just loved it.
Thank You for posting such a nice poem.



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