Battle Worth Fighting

Battle Worth Fighting prose poem

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My last wish to die
In the blue heart of pacific sea
Tell me O MY
Where is the key?
In those frozen blue depths
Sensing bitterly that oceans’ wreath
I am still holding my last breath
For all my person black holes
For all the ugly fouls I Committed
For all the pictures where I misfitted
For I am the criminal of countless hearts
I really deserve the painful death
Let me taste the pacifics’ depth
My lips never worth that smile
I never console the innocent child
I am arrogant to the loved ones around
Something still keeps me bound
I recall my lavish lifestyle
My colored lips with fake smile
My pretty face with rude expressions
My adorable skin with dead heart beneath
My clever sharp brains with filthy mission
World defines me as a beautiful vision
I was blind to the true meanings of life
I never tried understanding the cries of helpless
I kept ignoring the faces of poor
Those watered eyes begging me for a penny
Those hungry stomachs hanging around my castle windows
Those painful cries of losing someone I never bothered
I was living my life on my terms
I forgot this mud matter is temporary
I thought if this gold and silver is mine forever
I was not the only woman
Curious, complex ,elegant, colourful and clever
I was yes drowned in diamonds
I was enjoying rock music last night
I was planning trip with delight
I was in youthful tantrums
Forgetting the realities and living fake fantasies
Models and singers are my inspiration
That in media is my fascination
I do believe in existence of LORD
That dopatta religion I can not afford
Style and class is my self
I am young with zeal and zest
I believe in western norms
That woman in all her forms
Kashmir is crying, it does not matter
To Michelle OBAMA, should I write a letter?
Like that eastern woman in black veil
Poor she thinks if she is nightingale
If this is the only way to heaven
She is pious and I am demon
For Gods’ sake all those lectures
Sympathy, innocence, justice, humanity
O for you fool I feel heartless pity
Who you to disturb me locking my bachelors
I want fly and you want cutting my wings
I am the beauty of 24 springs!
You stop your stupid typical lectures Mr
You say Styling is showing off to Men
My makeover is my definition, better get it then
You say come to our religion book and prayers
Why then bomb attacks in country everywhere
You say to help the poor and hold my values
I feel ashamed for your narrow psychology
This world has now equality for both genders
Women now display their ultramodern standards
Where men can rule the kingdoms that’s over you Mr whatever
Where Man was the domination that’s over Mr whatever
Now Women beating Men in all regards
Sorry if my words making you all disheart
Feminity of today worth boldness
That delicate, shy , weak bird no one likes
Women no more now to one men concept
You Mr judgmental reconsider your blames
The lady innocent is flying aeroplanes
That delicate sweetheart is now to space
Tell me where she can not approach mans’ pace
That voice choked me all over
You challenge him or the natures’ philosophy
Sorry Miss Fatima, you are wrong
My lips shivered but I asked,
who are you ? Whats’ your name?
I am your good heart or your Mr whatever
Its dilemma you recognized me never
I came to you regulary at times of prayers
I came to you in your dreams
When you were in your youth charms
I was there but half dead
Your breaths were gifted by your bad heart
Your this devil lady never permitted me take over you
Your bad heart defeated me five years ago
When you first time committed theft and told lie
When you met your odd friends,
You arrested your delicacy for lavish trends
You called smoking, clubbing and drinking , “CLASS”
You were doomed in your colorful flaws
Still you have chance to come to right
Kill your bad heart and win the fight
Listen my O good heart
You my very sweet heart
Where were you in all those years?
I ruined my self with selfish peers
Now I wish to burn the mad matter
I kept on adding stars to my criminal file
I am your criminal my good heart
Throw me to pacifics’ depth
Give one chance to beautiful your soul
With determination take a new start
Make good wish and forget brutal past
My last wish again is to die
In the blue heart of pacific sea
Tell me O my where is the key

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Fatima Masood

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I am pharmacy student ...recently studying in quaidiazam from pakistan......i believe life as the transition between the soul and the body ...try to penetrate your soul and your life would be Spiritual all over!
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