Your Lie

Your Lie short poem

Photo by Sean MacEntee

“You’re my sister,” you say.
Whenever things get tough,
we’ll always have each other.

“I’ll always be here,” you say.
“Thank you. It goes both ways,” I say
when I believe what you are saying.

Because the truth is,
I do mean what I say.
I will always be here.
Whenever you need me.

But I do not think you mean it,
When you say these things.
You are always leaving,
like many people before.

When things get too hard for you,
Your words become a lie,
because suddenly you forget
about what you’ve told me.

Suddenly, I am alone.

Maybe it’s me, I think.
Maybe I drove you away.
Maybe I drive everyone away.

So many people,
and only myself
as the constant.

But I continue to
retrace my steps.
All of the words
that I have said.

I cannot find where I’ve
went wrong with you.
I cannot find where I’ve
messed up this time.

All I know is what you’ve said.
Your words ring like bells
inside my constantly busy head.

“We’re sisters,” you told me.
“We’re family,” you told me.
“Always,” I say, like some
sort of sick rip-off from
a quote on a T.V. show.

Are we still sisters
now that you’ve
left me alone
for numerous
times now?

Are we still sisters
when you only
speak to me
when it suits you best?

I hope you forgot.
That it’s just all
slipped your mind.

Because the only
alternative I know
is that you’ve lied.

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Alex Whalen

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I'm just an angst filled teenager who happens to write a little poetry here and there.
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Randall Smith

Alex, I have read all your poems and I see a lonely person. You seem to feel like you have been kicked and left alone. Hopefully this too shall pass. Know that you are not an exception but one of many people looking to be recognized and appreciated. I find that often I can write about something and a weight is taken off of my shoulders. So keep up your writing and sharing with us.


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