Relationship long poem

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Unknown to each other in the Real world
Man and woman fall in love in Virtual world

Though They are not in touch physically
they feel they are inseparable mentally

Without knowing each other how the other look
they get attracted to one another to hook

Exchanging each other bunch of romantic and soothing word
they set the tone for creation of their own dreamy world

The feelings for each other gets built up in them so strong
they think they are made for the other for generations long

The urge to see each other set the tone for them to leave the virtual world
and arrive on the real world with gusto and pomp

Initial physical attraction makes them come close to each other
culminating in mingling of their body and soul and experiencing
hitherto hidden erotic feelings of Ecstasy and fantasy

Their desire to be always together physically gets derailed due to
their own other commitments in the real world

Their situation is now akin to the devil and deep sea
where in they can neither have regular physical relation
nor can adhere to mere mental attraction

In due course cracks develop in their Love relation for earthly wants
and the bondage of pure love as seen in the virtual world
gets diluted in the real world and culminates in the blame game of each other

Thus couple end up broken hearted and the feelings of being made for each other
culminating in blaming each other all due to their hasty attempt to leave the Virtual world
to meet and unite in the real world.

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Ramapriya Nr

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I am a retired Engineer from the Government of Karnataka and now 64 year old. post retirement I fancied to write in 3 languages namely English,Hindi and kannada. I have written several poems,short stories etc and have published two books namely ""Tri bhasha Kritigalu and Rampys vision on lifes mission and now it has become passion for me to continue writing. I have also developed several software computer programmes covering Technical,medical and general programmes
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