Another Untitled Poem

Another Untitled Poem short poem

It was a slow day,
So, I pondered on the past…
Life is not a child’s play,
Not all the good things last..!

Where I thought I’d be,
On the pinnacle of fantasy…
But now that I look at me,
I’m just a droplet in the sea..!!

Reasons lay unnumbered,
For the turns that life took…
Responsibilities encumbered,
I resembled more as a schnook..!

But still dreams are alive,
This journey has just begun…
Many a thing that I strive for,
Has made me reawaken..!!

Even once insignificant goal,
Seems so important now…
When I think of the whole,
I know I can succeed somehow..!

With determination and steadiness,
Of the mind and resolve…
I’ll work towards attaining it,
For this is how we all evolve..!!

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Rocean Sharma

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Life has its hardships, But it goes on.. doesn't wait for anything, nor lets memories be easily gone...! Poems are the only way, to let all the feelings out... to seek for the meaning, that everyone is talking about...!! So enjoy life, and enjoy the poems... and embrace life, no matter what comes...!!
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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Excellent rhymed poem, @Rocean_Sharma, with the beat running well enough. I venture a title: “Struggle.” Do not use “My Struggle” because that has been used already, by Hitler, in German “Mein Kampf”

Abhishek Malakar

amazing poem 🙂


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