Zombie. ode

Photo by D Simmonds

No more to live in earthly mould,
Though siblings not bereft ?
Despair in me did clasp its hold,
My spirit long since left.

No funeral pyre, no gaping clay,
Not one sad mourning tear,
No blood red rose, nor white bouquet,
Was flung upon my bier.

For me, no sudden tragic end,
But slowly perished inside,
A veil of sorrow to descend,
When close-blood kinfolk died.

Lymphoma slowly sapped my life,
Such ills did I abhor,
Then as lost love increased the strife,
I decayed a little more.

No one aware that I’ve passed on,
Appearing to all just fine,
I smile and laugh, ’til yarns are spun,
And die more every time.

Finally reduced to hollow shell,
This world, my mind it warps,
I wander in this lifeless hell,
An aimless moping corpse.

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3 Comments on "Zombie."

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Wow! How eloquently the poet expresses the fact that though he appears alive, inside he is dead and has become a living zombie, due to illness and losing love. A very poignant ode, finely expressed in an air of melancholy. The scenario is very well depicted through excellent word choice and the title of the poem drew me in to read it, it is eye-catching. Life without love, with health issues is very well defined in this verse:
‘Finally reduced to hollow shell,
This world, my mind it warps,
I wander in this lifeless hell,
An aimless moping corpse’
The emptiness inside is very artistically painted, as is how life becomes a hell on earth in the struggle to live in spite of being overwhelmed with sadness inside. The superb choice of graphic complements the title of the poem. A dark write, Mizzy and I pray for better and brighter days ahead which bring a return of good health and open a new door to everlasting love. Superb inking from your golden poetic pen. I bow to your creativity and I thank you for sharing your wondrous work! It is ever a true delight to read…


Most welcome Mick…
It is a joy to read your wonderful poetry.
Gratitude for sharing.


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