Guilt short poem

Uploaded by Sofia Quaglia

Guilt is a mermaid picking strawberries at a grocery shop
You think you see it there
But you are the only one
And you are allergic to strawberries.
Guilt is an armour you tragically fall into
As soon as you take a step off your bed
You roll from your sheets
Into fitting a skin suit of anxiety
Pink latex makes you look prettier
Sterilized gloves make you smile wider
Teeth whiter
Humidity trapping you in a tie knotted too tight
Shifting asymmetrically in an room of mosaics.
Guilt is nail varnish seeping through gills of assiderated fish
Those in really deep water
Lights flickering under your flesh
Skin you’ve put on over your grin
Teeth biting through that elastic material
A rubber band snapping at the touch of your fingers.
Quacking feathers and feathers sit on your sofa as if they were pillows
They talk to you while you’re sleeping
Hello there
And you’re not so sure anymore
Is it my voice or your voice or did anybody say anything at all
Guilt is a princess that sold her virginity to feel like everybody else
And failed.

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