Halls Of Gray

Halls Of Gray long poem

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I walk these halls all day and night,
I do not frown nor shed a tear.
It took all of my inner might,
To strike down that which I did fear.

I was afraid to take a chance,
And ask her for her hand that day.
I missed the opportunities hence,
And then she left and the skies turned grey.

I could not bring myself to fight,
Against all that I thought was wrong.
And for all that I thought was right,
I could not argue, I was not strong.

My fear was with me every day,
It was beyond the window, above the shelf.
For what I feared was not decay,
But in actuality, life itself.

I took the drink that would end it all,
I dropped the glass and took a seat.
I twiddled my thumbs and tried to stall,
So I had no thoughts ’till life was beat.

Many years have passed since then,
And I have not shown signs of age.
Although I’m not among living men,
Life in my book takes up but one page.

I can walk on walls and paint them red,
Achieve all for which I strive.
And even though I’m surely dead,
I’ve never felt so much alive.

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