Wrath Of Humanity

Wrath Of Humanity short poem

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Oh! Dear Almighty,
No one ever imagined, nightmares could be so fair;
It showers bullets, its floods human blood;
The black masked men, taking everyone in their den;
The den lying in the hell, ringing our death knell;
Bodies are sent to their doom, in the aura of gloom;
The air is filled with screams and shouts, is this true, I doubt;

Oh! Dear Almighty,
In this epoch of violence, there is no place for silence;
Uglier side of humanity, is teeming with physical profanity;
It is the guns and arms who rule, thus it’s certain we are fools;
Well, does world desire, being dressed in such heinous attire?
Lord, our ship is drowning, terror is befouling it;
The world craves for peace, the mayhem needs to cease!

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