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Once revered,
Wealth and power,
Lifestyles of glamour,
Before time devoured,
The pretty palisades,
A vision of success,
Once you moved up,
You felt truly blessed.

A dare and a whisper,
The great moral leap,
Every accomplishment cheaper,
The world at their feet.

The greed became vulgar,
People took advantage,
Buying up fancy clothes,
On Rodeo and Atlantic,

Plans to fly by day,
Stay on islands by night,
Insecurities under the skin,
A veil to lift when full of spite.

Prices dropped,
The neighborhoods changed,
Not for the poorer people,
Who just tried to make a name,

But for the better,
As the cocky hilltoppers blew,
Every scent of their fortune,
When the real riches were few,

Transparent became former,
Sophisticated plots,
Easy to back away from,
Harder to connect the dots.

For sale signs followed,
Yards left in ruin,
Fancy cars abandoned,
And clothes left when movin’.

Lessons and morals lost,
In the minds of those selfish heirs,
They don’t see how-to’s,
A loss is costly but they still dare.

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Benny Bam

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Worked for Habitat for Humanity for six years in Texas and California. Went to school for Business Management and Global Business Management, having been in a management position since the age of 20.Writing and acting started in high school when took on role of Drama President at Brea-Olinda High School in Brea, CA and would write, cast, and do stage production for all types of shows from musicals, comedies, dramas, and talent shows. Started writing skits, scripts, poetry, lyrics, and more at an early age. Ultimately would like to become a screen writer, publish a few books.Media guru forming BAM Studio under "bennybamcreations" title including many sports groups like ANGELS BASEBALL ADDICTS, BAM SPORTS STUDIO, and THE MIGHTY. Co host of All Access Los Angeles, Halo Heat, and BAM on blogtalkradio.com/mancinisports and blogtalkradio.com/bennybamlegacy.
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