Craig De Num

Dog Soldiers of the secret Scottish regimen
Go in op of your creatures that lurk in
The shadows I know you’ve found more
Monsters than the world knows and the
Labyrinth of your coven remains legend
Since many hundred years ago and the
Rumor goes your lair has many bottomless
Pits of weredragons, werewolves and
Selchies dwell within the gates of hell…
Well so I’ve heard and it’s been told in the
Scroll and if any Dog Soldier breaks his oath
Of silence he’ll find himself food for the
Wild and savage ones. I used to think it
Was folklore until I myself joined
The brotherhood well what have I done
I thought it would be all in the name of fun
Somehow they found out I was an English spy
For Queen Victoria, somebody will be swinging
By a tree tonight in Craig de Num but I’m not afraid
For her royal highness and England so go ahead and
Kill me but you’ll only be diggin’ your own graves
In case of my death the British army has orders to move
In and invade your secret society of dog soldiers and
Ancient Scottish regimen!

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Bo Lanier is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and has become an established poet with five books to his credit that were published in Canada. He received several achievement awards in creative writing through and has recently published two eBooks and one paperback book through After a nine year hiatus, Bo returned to publishing his poems with a new outlook and fresh ideas. His other talents include singing and songwriting.
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