No More Hate

No More Hate short poem

Uploaded by Jarold Walters

Happy happy is the day
When we can run, laugh jump and play
Without fear of dying
Or losing today

No more anger
No more hate
No more grieving
That’s always too late

I am not blue
And you are not red
Loving what others
Don’t have in their bed

So I will be me
And You can be you
Loving and healing
Together brand new

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Jarold Walters

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Jarold is a proud father who has never written a published work. This poem was written in the hopes that might help someone at the moment when they decide between right and wrong. Good or Evil
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This sounds like a nice time with no more hate… All to often people judge by what they hear or what they see never by what they feel. People judge by what they are told or taught to believe always someone’s else’s opinion never their own. This is nice a fresh new outlook is what everyone needs. If I am wrong well it’s my own opinion of no more hate.


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