Ex Nihilo Ad Infinitum

Ex Nihilo Ad Infinitum prose poem

Uploaded by Bill Peeler

He has half a mind to say nothing
The other half won’t keep quiet
Muttering to itself half listening
Neither seems aware of the other
But both handle the wheel with care
Concentrating like a hawker hefting
Objects to sell, some too expensive
Others dirt cheap simply because
He doesn’t know their true value
He takes whatever he can get
As that’s the final offer and nothing
Can change it in a million years once
A deal’s been struck. Or so he’s been told
But it keeps gas in the tank and rubber
On the road with change in his pocket
To spare. Everything else gets recycled
Into talk shows taking calls from
The lonely hearts of the air pouring out
Their ghostly souls late into the night
Only to be lost again in the static
Between stations. The conversation
Picks up again on another wave length
Where he takes the left fork coming
At him out of the void at 65 mph
Leaving him no choice but to make one
Just to cover the next 12 miles of asphalt
To the county line. Another world emerges
From the ruins of the one he left behind
A town with an inn floats up into his high beam
But he keeps on going to the next lifeless town
Then on and on to the next and the next tottering at
The edge of consciousness existing somewhere further
Down the road on whatever slim shred of evidence
He can think of with the vacancy sign still lit

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My wife, Noy and I are Protestant missionaries in Cambodia. We met in a border refugee camp in Thailand back in 1979 while I was a refugee relief worker. She was a refugee. I lived and worked in Mairut Refugee Camp for three years. We have three grown kids. I was drafted into the Army in 1969, served in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971 and honorably discharged at the end of my military obligation. Writing prose and poetry is how I document the life I'm living and how I map out the mental landscape inside my head.
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