Early Morning Silence

Early Morning Silence prose poem

Uploaded by Marie

A car zipped through the early morning silence
bursting in sound the stillness of sunrise
Sol emerged in golden rays
cast upon the new day
A robin hopped as though dancing in rhythm
to ‘The Dawn Chorus’
who woke the sleeping flowers from slumber
wet with morning dew
Busy bees sipped nectar
smacking their lips
while butterflies flitted by stopping once in a while
to whisper to the early morning breeze
as they perched on a nearby wall
fragrant from the roses which tumbled over
Clang! Clang! The milkman popped full bottles
on cement door steps
and whistled a merry tune
as he went on his way
Just another day!
Mother Nature fully alive…

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Marie Shine is a poet from Listowel, the literary capital of Ireland. She started her journey as a poet in 1965 with her first poem ‘Galway -v- Kerry’ published in a national newspaper 'The Evening Herald'. After that she wrote a number of poems which appeared in various magazines and newspapers across the globe, but her first collection of poetry 'My Potpourri of Poetry' was published in May 2011. Moreover, some of her poems have been anthologized in a book produced by 'The Just Write Group' called 'Hearth Song' and also in' The Ballydonoghue Journal' among others. She has also been the editor of A String of Words, a collection of poems of five poets. Her poetic talent was recognized in June 2005 when she came 2nd in The Dunlavin Arts Festival of Poetry and in July 2007 when she got 2nd position with her English poems in 'The Irish Christian Fellowship Association'. She is Editor of an online emagazine called 'Creation and Criticism'.
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Akhtar Jawad

Thanks to High on Poems where I saw your photograph for the first time. You are no only a great poetess but a graceful lady as well. Now coming to this poem, you have so nicely described a new day, a gift of mother nature that I was astonished. I welcome you on this website with such a lovely poem by you. Best of luck, have nice day.


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