A Bright Start With A Dark End

A Bright Start With A Dark End long poem

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When life begins all anew
When all battles seem new
A new life has taken birth
A new journey on the same old earth.

Then crawling and creeping all around
Making a fuss with all that is found
The little toddler moves about
As tender as an emerging sprout.

Then taking the first steps
Walking through all falls and trips
Moving on the next level
The child is seen by the earth’s bowel.

Then with a satchel packed with books
He heads off to school with all new looks
Hesitation rules him over there
Until he finds a friend to care.

Then as a teen he hangs around
Feeling that cords have got him bound
Ready to speak up for his part
Never keeping his friends apart.

Next in his youth he plays all fair
Creating all that is supposedly rare
Duty bound, fresh and energetic
Does not regard a job as hectic.

Following this is a wise man
In his forties he judges all plans
Advising and preaching is his practise
Which makes him feel he is all suffice.

After this is an older man
Responsible as a stern old gran
Missing his youth all the time
Sings a soulful rhyme.

Then comes a day of parting
From the earthly life so charming
Where icy death showers on you
As hailstones stealing breaths a few.

Then all is gone in a colourless blend
Of life and death that has put an end
To mysteries both solved and unsolved
Here has the question evolved;
“To live, but how to live?”

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Sara Sultana

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I m 15 years old and i live in mysore, karnataka, India. I love writng and reading poetry. And i m particularly fond of the poems of Wordsworth.
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