The Best That We Can Do

I pray every night, have all my life.
Have no proof anyone is listening, but I hope there is.
It just may be a reinforcing technique, I’m not really sure.
A prayer is a harmless thing hurts no one in its passing.
I’ve lost faith in any religions, just spouting their propaganda.
Just power trips as far as I can tell.
The few telling the many what to do.
See no reason to put them between me and the creator.
Some say all that we see comes from nothing, a quantum fluctuation that’s all.
That may be the case I do not really know, neither does anyone else.
Karl Marx said ” religion is the opiate of the people”, he may be right but no one can say for sure.
Some say have faith, “God spoke to us, showing us the way”.
That may be the case, but nobody knows for sure.
Faith is a funny thing, we can have faith in almost anything.
If there is a creator its intentions is beyond ours to know.
So the best we can do is live our lives, and focus on what we can.
Treat others as we’d like to be treated seems like a good philosophy.
The Golden Rule is simple enough, and seems to make sense to me.

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