Unanswered Questions Of An Innocent Childhood

Unanswered Questions Of An Innocent Childhood prose poem

Uploaded by Kishan Negi

A little childhood collecting
Waste papers on a garbage dump
Asked me, “Am I born to do this job?”
I had no answer

A childhood begging on roadside
Asked me, “Is my childhood born for begging?”
I had no answer to reply

A childhood cleaning utensils in a tea shop
Asked me, “Is this childhood, born
To clean defiled utensils in a tea stall?”
But I had no answer

A childhood breaking stones in scorching sun
Along a dirty roadside
Asked me, “Is this childhood born to break stones?”
But I had no answer

A childhood running on road in search of
Left over foods of others
Asked me, “Is this childhood, born to search
Leftover foods on garbage dump?”
But again I had no answer

A childhood standing in front a school
Asked me, “Will this childhood ever get education
In this school?”
But I had no answer

And a childhood carrying load on his back
At a railway station
Asked me, “Is this childhood strong enough
To carry heavy loads at tender age?”

Surprisingly, my knowledge, experience and
Spiritualism fell in numbness
Could not answer any of the questions
Raised by an innocent, candid, ignorant,
Naïve and guiltless childhood

Because never my soul and heart knew
That childhood is the shining hope of humanity
Could any human being answer
These unanswered questions?

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