Take Into Consideration

Take into consideration
what we’ve witnessed, experienced,
Our brothers and sisters being
Laid to rest every weekends.

Their bodies being buried
Six feet under this land,
Their souls leaving this precious earth,
Into the heavens and the horrible hells.

All because of carelessness of
Engaging themselves into
Criminal acts and drug consumptions.

Our parents and teachers tried
To show them the way but
After all they are the African youth
Living with the motto ‘My life, My way’

And the very same way of life they chose,
Is the one that got us standing in the
Grave yards, with the long faces
Singing ‘Go lokile, go lokile papa’

With nothing else on our minds but
To go back to their house and enjoy
Free lunch ‘mala le mogodu, ko lesenkeng’.

Because that is what they deserve ,
After losing patience to wait
For all the things that a good education
Could’ve brought their way.

I mean to own a couple of mansions
in Santon,
Drive a Jeep grand Cherokee SRT 8
With 4-pipe, and a multi-dual
power ignition.

But who can blame them?
Because they also had their own mission,
Which was to take over other people’s
Possessions, and that’s why the grave yards
Were their final destination…

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Mojapelo Percy, is a young man from Polokwane-Mankweng. Matriculated in 2015, now studying Business and Events Management around the city College. I was inspired by local poets and fell in love with literature works.
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