Lady Of The Lakes And Fells

Lady Of The Lakes And Fells sonnet poems

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Dear muse, I penned this verse with feather quill,
To gently praise your beauty of renown,
My words to float aloft your gaze until,
They softly kiss your eyes like thistledown.

One single thought of you is all I need,
Pure beams of gold to light my dulling day,
A gorgeous wildflower peers from tangled weed,
And paints a splash of colour to my grey.

My lonely shadow drapes this em’rald shore,
With somber heart I yearn your close embrace,
Between us how wild stormy waters roar,
Such tempest I would brave to see your face.

Fond kisses blown on gentle winds your way,
Warm breezes seek wherein the fells you stray.

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The longing the poet feels at missing his native place is superbly penned in this sterling sonnet. What a beautiful picture you paint with your golden poetic quill, you are an artist with words and have chosen an excellent graphic to complement them. The lovely colours in the poem are reflected in the graphic so eloquently. The poet would give anything, do anything to see his own place once more and his love/fondness for that place is reflected in the final two lines of the sonnet. Kudos on an outstanding write, which I so enjoyed reading and I thank you for sharing with me Mizzy…


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