The Faith In Our Cause

The Faith In Our Cause long poem

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When darkness dampens your devotion,
The will is there but devoid of emotion;
Remember to hold your head high
And kiss every violent wind which passes by.

That violent wind takes you to places unknown,
Places of future palaces and memories bygone.
That violent wind gives the insects wings;
Adding its own melody to the songs they sing.

When the ground beneath you shakes and quakes
You wait for the moment until your patience breaks.
Once broken, take up the old and the remaining few,
Pump up your lungs to blow into them lives anew.

When the fire boils down your energy and temper,
Accept the burns just as good as dying embers.
Those sparks of new friction and fiction fly and blow,
Feel them and use your breath to build a glow.

When the ocean crumbles you under its sheer weight,
Then know from deep down, it’s the journey of the greats.
The surface is reached but the journey yet incomplete;
Fall, rise, fall but never utter a word as defeat.

The final goal now is the mountain’s summit,
The mountain of pain, pleasure and sensations adrift.
The only thing mattered was the Faith in our Cause,
Neither pebbles nor rocks, nor any of Nature’s laws.
Know then no task is beyond your toil,
O mighty! Rise and shine! ye, the Son of Soil.
Everything against you was really a step
Upon yesterday,
Every abuse hurled was a blessing in disguise,
As they say.
These lies and skies inside your heart well they grow,
But behold, the well asks, ‘How deep are you willing to go?’.

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