To Be With Him In Eternity

finding ways of running from the one force was getting
harder everyday, with no night coming up the hill like it used to.
rain still came only enough for plants to make out a week’s menu
for those who had survived the fall out
Many in the medical field were no longer doctors full of training

New ones were former nursing assistants like me
I dug out old nursing books to gain new skills in the case of this aftermath
warnings had been told about to happen

I knew they would happen since true words of God
had been come to pass many time in his holy word.
So I stepped up told the ones in charge
I would retrain nursing assistants to follow
new skills

the fact is the new skills help former nurses that were now doctors.
one morning a light flash from the east to the west
it was the Lord arriving just like he said he would come
Now no more pain of suffering would occur, life
with the savior had begun

there were other jobs to be done from building house to
with the gardens of plenty
I was gathered with my sons michael and ashton to live
Randy was there too his grandchildren made a place for him
to help them grow food and a life of their own
I watched my descendants grow into men and women of God
Tara was teaching her granddaughters to crochet, Isabella was at my house with Sapphire learning about family history
Daddy of course was in the middle of his grandchildren and great grandchildren
telling them about me when I was young
Mama was telling Angie what happened after she had died but was totally immortal like
the rest of us.
I was so happy to meet my mamma’s father he was a sweetheart, he just kept
telling mamma how glad he was to see all of his family
But you see the most important part in all of this first and most important of all
was seeing Jesus face to face, talking with him everyday and hugging him telling him thank you for your life giving sacrifice which made it possible for all of us to be with him in eternity.

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My name is Betty Redd. I love to read and write poetry. I have two children both grownup with each having two children of their own. I am the oldest of six children. I have three sisters and two brothers. are. My father was one of thirteen children growing up in the great depression. My mother was born in the middle of the depression in a family of six children. I do know from seeing the newspaper article that one of my ancestor's helped settled the Cimmorran trail of 1889. My other sister found our family coat of arms with gray helmet red black and yellow shaped the rest . One other bit of information I had another ancestor called Robert Quinn in the year of 1205 who was a poet too. Maybe that's where I get the urge to write and compose poetry.
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