Insight Revealed

Insight Revealed long poem

Uploaded by Shubham Lekhiwal

A trigger found so I will write..
So much to say and the canvas is white.
Days are passing like a fast forwarded song..
But this moment right now, it seems to be long.

So many plans to prove the strength..
Life is a track with an endless length.
Still we need everything today..
Hope you know what I want to say.

People are observing us from far..
Estimating life with the size of our car.
No one knows what we have been paying..
“What a life” is all they are saying.

“What a life” is a question I ask..
Till eternal end we will fill the flask.
How much we have completed till this age..
No one notices this flask has a leakage.

The diameter of the pipe to fulfil the dreams..
Is smaller than the size of our desires it seems.
So many things we wish we could do..
Wasting our self in hope of something new.

What I had lost is just that attitude..
Confidence so low and destiny so nude.
People locked it, I am searching the key..
I know it will be back, it belongs to me.

Patience is the gun of a soldier who is dead..
Fighting back with so much in my head.
Happiness always are fictitious quotes..
Will soon find a shore for all lost boats.

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