At The Final Resting Place

At The Final Resting Place long poem

Uploaded by betty redd

waves of seaweed kept the boat locked to the shore
wrapped like a tightly wound bow.
I tried to find a knife and cut the seaweed from the boat
my son and daughter were there for the family vacation
we finally had.
Tara picked up the knife using it like a saw blade to cut the
boat loose
her idea was a good one we ate our lunch
got back in the boat getting back ashore
just in time for supper.

Randy got out of the boat with his kids and made a
fire on the shore to roast the fish and some summer seed

Tara made bread from her stock of supplies
I just sat in a lawn chair enjoying my family.
Tara’s children were sitting by gram while I read
them a story before a one hour nap.

I knew from my heart this would be the last time each one of them saw me being alive.
I did not tell them of my illness nor to be a burden to them.

I left instructions by my ashes by Angie’s at the final resting place.
Two months later I was gone.
My instructions were set up with my lawyer to set my ashes free
over lake Superior

My family did not have to pay for my final bills I made sure of that.
But my grandchildren got five thousand apiece when they were grownup
to start out life in the first year away from home.

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My name is Betty Redd. I love to read and write poetry. I have two children both grownup with each having two children of their own. I am the oldest of six children. I have three sisters and two brothers. are. My father was one of thirteen children growing up in the great depression. My mother was born in the middle of the depression in a family of six children. I do know from seeing the newspaper article that one of my ancestor's helped settled the Cimmorran trail of 1889. My other sister found our family coat of arms with gray helmet red black and yellow shaped the rest . One other bit of information I had another ancestor called Robert Quinn in the year of 1205 who was a poet too. Maybe that's where I get the urge to write and compose poetry.
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