We Met, A Random Act Of Coincidence

We Met, A Random Act Of Coincidence long poem

Uploaded by Ravi Shankar

We met, a random act of coincidence
We talked, I figured we had some sort of relevance
Never in my time has someone lent me an ear so much,
trust me I commend your patience

Small talks, random brawls, A habit made
Now we had fixed times to communicate
Usual talks, food for thought and the words just used to levitate
Little did I know, in such a short span you had me figured and my state

Sacred I was, Afraid I got
Only a few knew me inside out
I sat and thought and went for strolls
Trying to figure out If I was such an open pot

Conclusion reached, it was a breach
You had me figured with your observant grid
I shook, a lot was at stake
Little did people knew of my multiple personality states
Yet you had them figured out of blue
I shivered but rejoiced too

At least someone knows the real me
No need to adapt or change the scene
Just your presence gets me eased
No more masks and no more broken smiles
I can be me without thinking twice

And then I fell, I fell for you
Not that I didn’t know that you have a story too
We talked, we shared
We knew the pain, you were still hiding much behind those smiling lanes

Little by little I got to know more of you
Still there was much unsaid and left of you
I decided not to prude and clean the wounds
I can’t change what’s happened but try to ease you out

Leave things where the belong
Live the moment and don’t think about the wrongs
I’ll be here, whether needed or not
Always is the word that I can think of
Just don’t run away is all I ask
And I will burn with a mighty glaze,
provide you the warmth that you deserve and long
Fixing little by little all the wrongs

Well the world is chaos and uncertain too
You asked me to wait with words so brute
You said you want to figure things out
I collapsed, I fell, I fell hard inside
But I knew you have your own set of worries and issues to subside

I respect, I abide and here I wait
Knowing you is a feeling just too great
The time will pass and I will stand
Whether are the issues tiny or grand

I won’t walk off, I won’t push you aside
Rather more I’ll wait for the time is right
I haven’t lost faith and nor my hope
I will hold the rope and steady my pace
for my love is hope and it shines so bright
It’s almost like a shiny night

With these feeble words I take my leave
No matter what happens I won’t be heaved
I’ll stand, wait for you
Because I have faith in me and you
Call for me when you need
I will rise and come to you,
for I heed the words that you speak

Finally, I have something clear In my mind
I have a goal and a finishing line
No matter what I’ll stand for you
As Always wasn’t just a word but a vow I made
To be with you, no matter good or bad were your grades.

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Ravi Shankar

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23, Undergrad, Tech and Graphic Design enthusiast, Coffeholic, Gamer, Anime lover, Writer.
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