From Perception To Consciousness

When taking a line of action,
important is to discuss, decide, understand and realize everything that is going on in the mind at the present moment in time.

Most importantly over a period of time,
present will become a thing of past,
past will become a thing of remote past and what will remain in the mind,
something that needs to be mentioned over a period of time,
since it always needs to be remembered,
something like, ” Time never stops, time flies.”

Over a period of time it’s realized that every opportunity involves and includes in it an element of risk, which needs to be handled very carefully.
When the present moment in time is defined,
important is to make sure that the purpose of doing so is not to ascertain the future,
but to shape the future.

When intentions are right in their place they play a major role in getting things done, especially in getting the right thing done at the right moment in time.
Most of the time, it’s influence that follows intentions.

In this fast changing world things change, everything changes and what remains with regards to what is going on in the mind is a thought, which had lost it’s way somewhere when moving from the past into the present.

The desire is to get something in the form of gain,
something of which somewhere at the back of mind it was thought that something like this exits and seems to be possible somewhere in the future.
It’s like a dream.
It’s like a desire.
Dreams and desire have always remained essentially an important and an indispensible part of life and life will continue to move ahead along with them.

Give me some time to think of the time that has gone by and some more time to make sure everything is in place.
Give me some time to think of the past in the present,
since it was in the past from where everything and all began.
Give me some time to think, analyze, discuss and decide of the future in the present,
since it will take some time to know how everything in the future will shape while in the present,
give me some time,
some more time while in the present

Life is valuable
Time is precious
Mistakes prove to be costly,
if mistakes are repeated.
However always remember,
it’s better to move ahead in life with one step at a time.

Every step that is taken in the present matters a lot, if it’s a step that is taken in the direction of goal.
Every step that is taken in the present matters the most, since the right step taken in the present will definitely shape the future in a desired way.

Definitely dreams, desire, drive, passion, ambition are not only part of life, but definitely they occupy an important place in life.
So when there are so many possibilities that are available in the present,
it’s important to make sure that priorities come first and equally important is to make sure that the right thing happens at the right moment in time

When the right thing happens at the right moment in time it not only changes the state of mind in the present,
but also it shapes the future in a better way,
in following priorities and making things happen,
one thing that needs to be remembered and also mentioned is the fact that time never stops, time flies.

So always remember,
keep in mind,
follow the same from time to time,
life is valuable,
time is precious and much more precious is the present moment in time,
which at any cost needs to be very well defined.
Thus keeping aside rest of the things going on in the mind,
let’s make a firm resolution in life to move ahead in life with the present moment in time as life continues along with the present moment in time from the present towards the future, which remains uncertain and undefined.
Life continues.

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