Eternity long poem

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Somewhere and somehow,
how and where
I don’t know.
But from ‘twinkle twinkle little star’,
to the melody’a thing of beauty
is a joy forever’we grow up.
The past 15 years
can be compared to the life of the ‘Brook’.
Sailing for 15,
slowly and steadily
dressing up the self,
to fit the grey world.
Sometime the hues vary.
Monochrome at times,
colourful to the next
And so on.
From the twitching day,
we leave our family
and meet to a place where
we try to nurture a new den.
Possibly the one, we adore the most.
Maybe only for the present or till the dooms.
Teachers help.
to grow a family,
being the bricks,
suppressing ideals and talks
within them.
And the members are labelled as friends and family.
As the time flies,
the inner you gets stronger.
Before the adjourn of final days,
we start adoring the bricks, the teachers.
The funny nicknames are no more heard,
They are left in vain.
Emotions brim,
maybe too late for the cause.
But as the proverb goes , better late than never,
we brain the emotions.
Teachers stay like they were,
just the negativity is that,
you need to move away,
away from the love and sentiments,
that blessed for the past 15 years or 10 years or so on.
You lave your memories deep down the earth,
at the same place,
where you were nurtured,
from a seedling to a tree,
Or maybe from the tears of the brook,
to the river.
Teachers, stay hoping in vain,
or may not,
to see you again.
To see the inner childish you.

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The best yoga of a day is reading a poem or a book .....A complete peace of mind and a refresher .... Things become easy when u have a complete mental peace .... Stop each and every work for 2 minutes , read a poem and i bet you will feel fresh all over again :)
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Sahojit Dutta

A poem that cannot be a manisfestation of reality can never touch lives
Everyone is not a poet but everyone has poetic senses.



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