Prisoner Of Words

Prisoner Of Words short poem

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The words flow by
In the endless talks
In the welcoming and
Ascending dusk

Knocking on the
Emotions binding
With the words
Can it connect the hearts?

Stirring questions
For the being
Of these words
Flying to and fro

Did they carry emotions?
A communique from
Heart to heart
Conveying between the words?

The eyes held the words
Blinked into the sentiments
And words flew again
Into the index of the mind

An apparition of the bygone
Fogged the mind
Twining the thawing heart
NO was the word

Now the bygone is melting
Defrosting the gloom
And the emotions
Blooming in the tides

But the new words
Are stuck in the cords
The strummer hesitates
For is the prisoner of bygone words

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Bhargavi Kerur

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An avid dreamer nurturing a dream of living many lives in one life.
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