Of merciless nights of despair

Of merciless nights of despair short poem

Time has kissed all over your
Wide strong frame like a
Much married mistress.
Shrunk your dependable muscles,
Loosened your chestnut brown cover,
Sculpted your face with lines
That deepen your smiles and worries.
That chest where I lay curled up once
Now quivers like paper flower petals
Under the ceiling fan.
As I watch over your film-thin sleep
Dear father, I try helplessly to ward off
Mosquitoes and the pointed canines of time
That insist on sucking my childhood out
Right through your veins.

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7 Comments on "Of merciless nights of despair"

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Ravindran Govindaraju

I like those closing lines, a reflection of a fear,
time does steal ones childhood reminiscences ,as much !
Those prattling years, imagination to host,
all were buried deep in those quick sands, rarely to mire…
Thank you for sharing


I enjoyed reading your poem very much. You have caught the essence I think when seeing the older
generation in their last chapter of life. Brilliantly worded I thought.

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