The Rest Of Me

The Rest Of Me short poem

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That was the dreadful night when my world went upside down,
Tough decisions were made but still I count,
The smiles the sorry the vows that were so profound,
It just hit me hard now when ever they come around.

What a breaking shiver was that,
Like a dad lost his real clad,
I have no reason to explain, whether it was she or me the brat,
But something went wrong now she is in her dreams and I am all sad.

Got betrayed like a friend in need can do this deed,
Smiling like nevr before but inside, my heart bleeds,
She was controversial but now she is enjoying the treat,
And me scratching myself as if I am rotten meat.

No love lost as no love found,
She is excited about the lifes rollercoaster and its me who is spinning round,
Not feeling the sky but its hell dragging me all down,
She is dancing like a baby doll and me decorating my graveyard under the ground.

I will reborn now, shit happens in life,
No man dies even when he is kicked by his lovely wife,
He stands up takes the stardom, Moves on and chooses the path..the right one.
No matter what tomorrow it will be,
What I had lived was a kind of past for me,
But a sincere thanks to the one who set me free,
Now I am a scavenger, I will come down just be safe , you lady!

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Rishabh Rai

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dreams are what i am chasing and so i am dreaming a lot not be a chaser but to know that i have lot to achieve. Right now i AM WORKING AS A TECHNICAL CONSULTANT in an MNC and carry certain characters in me that makes me a better human being.
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