I Am Human

I Am Human short poem

Photo by Stewart

I don’t plead to be accepted
Beg to be apart of anything
I don’t pray that you’ll take my hand
Or walk with me any day,
But before you lift your tongue
Or cut your eyes to judge me
Understand I will be
Whom I want to be,
I don’t feel the need
To grab you with
Words to make you care
I don’t have the time
To fight for an ear
Because even if in my presence
Not all will be here,
But before you speak your opinion
That is so direct and close minded
Before you stand to protest
And help spark a war that is violent
Let me define for you
You whom throws the bible
Yet, never reads it for yourself
You who faithfully goes to church
Why? If you look down on others
As if you have not a sin,
You who hate me
Because I love within my own sex,
I don’t fear being hated
judged for my sins
I don’t cry for heart’s
That will never let me in
But before you speak ill of me
Understand that I am human
Born into a world of sin
If you have none of your own
What world were you born in?
I don’t lose any nights of sleep
Any friends that are worth the keep
So gladly I’ll let what I do
Be something you speak,
Daily preached about
But I know you church going
Godly people do not represent
So therefore, hate me
LOL isn’t that sinful?!

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