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Our central nervous system together with all its neuron cells make up our brains and spinal cords
And with it all our emotions and feelings which signal when there is something wrong with us
That is how a mother can know if a baby is hungry, ill or hurting by whether it expresses joy or sadness
It is stimuli from outside of us that alter and control our body functions from our heart beats, to our blood pressure to our breathing rate depending if we are scared or in calmness
Our bodies are constantly adapting to outside stimuli and making us ready for anything that we might have to face in our lives
Yet it is this very immense torment that fear or loneliness can bring that can sometimes completely disable us and make every single conquest so difficult and seeming hopeless
Yes my friends our lives really control us and not the other way around when the circumstances are not in our favor many times
But these are the times we need to try the hardest not to let our feelings get the best of us and learn to survive alone by singing to a great song or writing great poems
I guess it is not how many times we have been alone or scared that really matters but the feeling of doing something useful with our lives that really shapes our futures
This is the biggest addiction that can make vanish any loneliness or fear no matter how strong and for which there are no replacements
So my friends fill your lives with important activities and you will never feel so lonely or scare again in your lives
We all need to feel useful and appreciated or we will not be able to avoid feeling useless, lonely and scared at all times.

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